Bonjour everyone! This is the blog of, well really anything. I can't tell you what it's about because... even I don't know. But I do know this much. I could write about anything, and nothing. Take that any way you want to. So go ahead, explore!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yeah all of my friends are on this big New York trip (haha suckers im moving there) annnnd it's Friday and im home practicing guitar. YEAH IM LEARNING HOW TO PLAY! it's pretty awesome, the only song i know how to play in Dancing Queen. Mind you, i've only had two lessons. My dog is really cute right now. She is lying on my foot. Soooo yeeeehhhhhaaaaa..........


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

12 Roses

"I've seen roses six feet tall, heart on their shoulders and thats not all"

Why do i love music so much? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH that's like asking a girl, say, why do you love sharks so much? Or why do you love fall? It's quite a ridiculous question.

Why am i posting this, you may ask?

My answer: dunno.

you: so why are you still writing?

me: whaaaat?

you: are you upside down?

me: hahahahahah no way silly goosie, your eyes haven't adjusted yet

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sick (of school)

So guess what world? Im moving. No one in my school really cares that much, accept for the few who i am so entirely grateful that i can call my friends. Not that i really care all that much, I mean im probably never going to see any of them ever again. (i was getting kind of sick of them anyways ;) Im going to make new friends, or TRY to... im not the most entertaining people you have ever met, but little do you know, i will probably be the most interesting, because of my ever changing mind. think of it as space. you live on earth, and i live everywhere. Ok, so im not like GOD or anything, i just am everywhere. I don't know everything, but i think everything. Do you follow? Take school for example. I act like a normal teenage girl, just a little shyer and a little more in tuned to the different. BUUUUUT (hold onto your hats) im the complete opposite of normal. If i described to you what i really am, you would think im making thw whoel thing up. maybe you thik im making this whole thing up too, hey thats your opinion. If you choose to believe that, well then of course it must be true to you. What was i talkingabout again? Ah well. So im home from school today, stomach ache. Catching up on some homework, watching movies, starting "The Grapes of Wrath" yadda yadda yadda. Whats new with you?


Friday, August 12, 2011

Tigers Jaw

Has anyone read Call of the Wild by Jack London, or White Fang? If so, you rock. If not, i would encourage you to read it! It's really a fantastic book about... well..... i don't want to tell it to you in case you want to read it! (The dog's name is Buck.)

How is your summer going? Im not trying to complain, but mine isnt really a summer BREAK. But you don't want to hear me complain, now do you? (The book has to do with the gold rush in Klondike, like a really long time ago.) Even though i am a notorious complainer. I cleaned out my closet! Now you can open the door..... (Buck was beaten by a man in a red sweater.) I dont really know what to write about.... i shouldn't tell you that.....

I have this little moleskin notebook that i carry around with me that is filled with little sayings and perks and dreams and wishes and thoughts. It's kind of like a Sharkie's Bible. (Buck is drawn to the woods by images of his ancestors dancing in his head) "Oh, im not bored at all, you can call me when you wanna call." - Tigers Jaw, Spirit Desire

Shadows flit on my bathrrom walls. I like watching Ghosts stories, but they always freak me out. When you tell yourelf, oh your being so stupid, Ghosts aren't real, and if they were, (ha) they would be like Casper. It doesnt really work, because then you think frantically, BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE AND THEY ARENT LIKE CASPER??????? (Buck learns to love a man named John Thorton.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

...... im tooo lazy to use my brain and think of a title.

so many errors in my last post, but im too lazy to fix them.

i need another word to use other than "lazy".....

Lovely Cat You have.

So, no one listens to me anymore. whatever. just to show my annoyance with you, im not going to use and capitals. and im way to lazy today. so, my mom is being super annoying (super 8.... really good movie) lately about my bookworminess. apparently, i read too much. IS THAT POSSIBLE? whoops, i just used capitals. merf. im too lazy to fix it. soooo, the soultion is to start reading ooks on theipad. have you ever read an electronic book? its is the most terrible thing in the whole wide world. well, mabe not to you, but to a bookworm, book lover, part-book kind of girl like me, its like murdering puppies. m.e.r.f.

im so lazy i didnt even indent. and im noy using proped punctuaton, then again, im wasting more engery writing about it. merf.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Gypsy Girl

So, im kinda requesting someting this post. EVERYONE STOP FOLLOWING ME. I kinda just feel like posting when i want, not to random people i know and dont know, but to no one. Kinda like a diary, but i would never call it that. So, please, if you may. Stop. Following. Me. If you dont, i will find you. Track you down. Oh yeah, I can do that. I can't really explain it that well, it would probably just make you hate me beacuse im trying to be a wannabe poet person. Long story short, stop thinking im a wannabe poet CUZ IM NOT. I am who i am and i am who i am. Wait.. what? Those last two sentences made no sense, please disreguard them. Last time, please stop following me. Wow, i make it sound like your a stalker.

Monday, May 16, 2011




Wow the times are really messed up on this computer.... so i've noticed a few things over the past yesterday, while i was sitting alone at my park, watching the clouds. (It's right on this little lake thing and it's nice to be so close to the water, though alligators could be lurking below...) and i noticed that middle school? A joke. I mean, we don't learn anything useful. If this world is going to survive, we need to learn how to get along with one another. Not starting and ending wars, not (wow this squeaky table is really getting on my nerves) trying to create flying cars, or flying pigs. Nope, we need to learn to come to peace with the people of the world, animals of the world, and basically, just THE WORLD. So there is Sharkie's Philosophy of the Day ;)
THIS TABLE IS REALLY ANNOYING. I'm like five miles away from it, that darned squeaky table is gonna make me flip, ANNNNNND yeah thats it. My sweater is itchy. I thought it was soft at first, but now it's annoying and itchy. Complaining is fun. Let me go on. I want to read my book and never come out of my room/tree. But i can't do that cuz school isnt over until June 9th. And then, my mom is making me RIDE MY BIKE EVERY DAY TO THIS STUPID ART CAMP THAT I DONT EVEN WANT TO GO TO! I think my shyness is ruling my life. I can't make any friends. Just kidding, i have friends who i love sooooo much. WAIT HOW DID THAT GET IN THERE, IM SUPPOSED TO BE COMPLAINING! Harry Potter is over. Just kidding Harry Potter is never over. EW SOMEONE SNEEZED. I'm going to get sick now. Wait, that's ok, cuz then i can stay home. Wow. That's sad. I actually WANT to get sick. Is that bad? Yup. It is. I just answered myself. This is a long post for moi. My fingers are tired. My sister and mom are going to Georgia next week which is soooo not fair because, HELLO, that's where i was born. YOUR KEEPING ME AWAY FROM MY CHILDHOOD MOTHER! HOW COULD YOU??!?!?!?!?!! Ok, now im done. AH i feel better. wait. IM HUNGRY


Hello there! i am currently "taking" the EOC (end of course exam). More like im blogging cuz i don't feel like taking it right now. I need a break, ya know? Well it is EXTREAMLY annoying and someone is walking my way bye.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Super 8

Good moring fellow blogger people! I love to wake up early~ hear the little birdies singing. Just kidding. I live in Florida... the only birdies there are are the metal ones in the sky. But, it's the thought that counts, right? So how was your week? Only a few weeks left of school, right! WHOO HOO! I know no one really reads this blog anymore, BUUUUUUUUT i'd love it if you guys could tell me about your summer plans. Any takers? No? Ahhh well, I tried. Like this picture?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Miss Me?

You probably didn't, but that's ok. I'm back. So yeah! How are you? I'm ok, nothing new really. Accept....... ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL IS COMING OUT SOON! I'm so excited! It's great to have something to look forward to! Want to know what else I'm looking forward to? Pennsylvania! If you've even been, you'll know why I'm excited. Well it depends. If you've been to the hustle and bustle of the big citys, then no, you probably don't know what I mean. But if you've been to the chill old towns near New York, then you'll know exactly what I mean. This year we rented a house right on Roaming wood Lake, with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows, a deck for waking up and having breakfast looking out over the lake to, kayaks so I can finally learn how to kayak, AND it's in the most perfect spot in the lake, it's in a little cove! It's like we have the whole lake to ourselves!

Much happiness,

- Sharkie

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I havent blogged in a while, and i have to go to bed now, but i just wated to say hi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I feel bored.

Boredom is something people take for granted. Now that I'm on spring break I realized how amazing being bored can be. Not having to worry or be stressed out over some stupid school thingy, I took the time to do things I never would have regularly done. I walked to my friends house and swam at her pool when the pool was freezing. Ok so I've done that one before. But, I also took the time to mediate. And let me tell you its the most blissful thing I have even done. It was like being one with nature. Obviously, you have to meditate outside. It's pretty fantastic being equal with the world around you, let me tell you something. Oh and I also bought clothes I've always wanted but didn't have the guts to buy them. Yup, I have entirely established "my style." it's like what ive always wanted to be. I love it. Oh and I have this party (well, what the one party seventh grader goes to? Barmitvah!) and I kinda wanted new shoes so I got my first pair of high heels! Whoop Dee doo..... They are only like an inch off the ground (still, one inch taller than everyone else) which is good because according to the wii fit, I find myself falling over when I walk. Ok so, sometimes. But I put on the dress that I am going to wear with the shoes annnnnnnd I looked freaking awesome. For like once in my life. What was I talking about again?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I wish I wish I wish.....

It's a game I invented, and itsmostlyjust to entertain myself when I'm walking home from school. Try it! I'll start:
I wish I wish i wish..... I lived an adventurous life. A kick butt, wow Sharkie's so fierce, doesn't need anyone to depend on for her safety.

I wish I wish I wish...... I didn't have so many stupid health problems

I wish I wish I wish....... I had wings and could fly and be a part of a flock.

I wish I wish I wish......... I could stop wishing and start acting.

But I cant, because my dreams are too big. Wait, i don't believe that. Be right back, I'm going to go make my dreams come true.

I'd love to hear you playing I wish I wish I wish, but I'd much rather be hearing you acting on them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I am so happy. School has been suckey lately, and this is just AMAZING! Another thing that i am happy about is that there is this literary fair going on and im going to enter two of my newest poems! Cross your fingers that i get in! unless your mean d=and want to crush my dreams of being a world-renowned poet. In that case, you can go die in a hole. Or, you can fall off a cliff. I can push you if you'd like. It wouldnt be a problem. :D
So yeah, im in a good mood. and to make it even better, im starting my new story today on a really awesome new notebook!

Yeah, i have no life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Dinner

Im making meatloaf for dinner tonight.
It sounds gross, but its just like an over-sized hamburger...
im going to go and watch glee to make me feel better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Odd Recollection of my Dreams

Ok, so here goes my first one.

We were in a long hallways, with blue floors and pink walls. I think it was an airport. I was walking with a couple of my close friends, and then like everyone else that i know was behind me. One of my friends that was right next to me kept trying to hold my hand, which i grabbed, and then let go of. (IT WAS A BOY, NO WORRIES.) All of a sudden, one of my friends stopped. I looked at them, and i was like, erm, what the- and all of a sudden, they lunged at me. Then, ALL of my friends stopped, and then suddenly lunged at me. WHAT THE HECK, THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL ME. In like a vampire, i wanna suck your blood kinda way. So i was running, and running, and running my pants off (not literally.) but you know how like in dreams, you run, but you don't get like he burning sensation you get when you run in real life? I personally love the run in my dreams. Ok, so then i was running over this moving-hilly place, trying to avoid them, and all of a sudden they stopped. Then they were back to normal. But, as soon as it had stopped, it started again. So, they were catching up to me, and it hit me-coffee would stop this. I don't know how or why, but i knew it would work. So i ran to a random Starbucks, and then i found two rejected coffee cups. So i like, forced then=m it to drink t, and then they weren't trying to kill me anymore. They said sorry, and one like broke down crying saying OH MY GOSH IM SORRY SO SORRY I WOULD NEVER TRY TO KILL YOU!!!! (I laughed) so yeah, that was one of my dreams. Then i had another one, where i won this dream house, and it was awesome. then i woke up, and was sad.......

Monday, January 31, 2011

Incapable to Snap

It's a weakness of mine, i must admit.

So there is this game i play on my I PAD (IN YOUR FACE NICOLAS LOPEZ) called Bakery Story and it's like amazing buuuuut..... i kinda get into trouble when i play it. There is this kid, well actually TWO kids who are really agrivating. One commented on my friends wall of her bakery and said that it was a stupid name. which got me MAD and then we got in a huge fight, but i must admit, death-threats aside, it was kinda fun. So, as my bakery thrived, another bother-some kid came along. He wasworse than the other, insulting me and my friend like CRAZY. I mean it was stupid stuff, but nevertheless, it was annoying. But, again, funny. My bakery's name is Lottie's Bakery, and, according to my messages, i live in France, have a boyfriend named Pierre, and i recently moved there from my boring house in Oregon. Im still learning French, but my neighbor (my friend who is also in on the lies) who has lived in France her whole life, is helping me out. She doesn't know much english, and she always sees Pierre in the town square.

My jaw hurts.

~ Sharkie/Lottie.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cant Think of a Good Enough Name for this Post.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodness Gracious Great balls of Fire.

So the bad things that have been happening to me and my family still aren't over, like i hoped. BUT lets not dwell on the bad things in life, the objective of this post is to make sure that after you read this you are HAPPY. Its a new year, new day! SO lets start it off right! Unless you are reading this at night, then it's kinda pointless.....
1) I tried to make a flower out of yarn today (my geeky obsession is to crochet) but it turned out looking like a blob. when i tied it to my bun, it kinda resembled a flower. When i was talking my daily bike ride, i stopped by a little canal in the back of my tennis court and took a little nap without realizing it (cat nap, it was like, three minutes) and then i woke up and realized i had to get back. I popped my earbuds for my ipod back in, and rode home. When i got into my house, i went ot my room, and my sister saw me, and started laughing. I looked at mysef n the mirror, and i realized that a buterfly was in myflower the whole time.
It seems that sometimes, whatever mistakes you make, they always serve a good pupose.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My hair looks cool.

Yeah. It does.

But for real, i need some guitar picks. I like, broke all of y other ones, and lst the rest, cuz believe me, i had like FIFTY. So scary things happened in my life, but they are all better now, i hoooppppeeee :) And i realized how much i love oil painting, how much i want to be good at singing, and how much i love to sing, even though, im like the worst singer since Justin Bieber. And, yeah, I can realate to him cuz EVERYBODY KNOWS, he sings like a girl. Sorry. Nah, no im not.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happiness Hit Her Like a Train on a TraaaaAAAAAaaaaack

Ok, so winter break is over, so those lyrics i typed up there? Not how im feeling right now. Literally. But there are some perks. Like no one realizing that i got my haircut, which im in love with. Or, the fact that i have to write an essay, study for tests and do tons of math homework! Hmmmm, might have to re-think that statement.... Ok so ONE good thing is that im starting to get sick, WHICH leads to STAYING HOME FROM SCHOOL which make this "her" get hit by a very large "train on a track." Yes i live a very sad life sometimes, but i have my friends who make me laugh, and i have my music which make sme sing, and i have my hope. Hope of a new and better life, in a house that is new, new people, new experiences. Yeah, im talking about the HGTV dream home people, and for those of you who don't know what im talking about, LEARN. So this year i wnat to win so bad, it hurts. It's in an adorable SMALL OLD FASHIONED BUT NEW town, it freakin SNOWS in the winter and the leaves change color in the fall. Oh, and did i mention that it is a DREAM HOME? So it's basically beautiful. And if you look out the back windows.... you see a ski mountain. I love skiing, and i love mountains. Did i mention it's in Virginia?