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Friday, June 17, 2011

...... im tooo lazy to use my brain and think of a title.

so many errors in my last post, but im too lazy to fix them.

i need another word to use other than "lazy".....

Lovely Cat You have.

So, no one listens to me anymore. whatever. just to show my annoyance with you, im not going to use and capitals. and im way to lazy today. so, my mom is being super annoying (super 8.... really good movie) lately about my bookworminess. apparently, i read too much. IS THAT POSSIBLE? whoops, i just used capitals. merf. im too lazy to fix it. soooo, the soultion is to start reading ooks on theipad. have you ever read an electronic book? its is the most terrible thing in the whole wide world. well, mabe not to you, but to a bookworm, book lover, part-book kind of girl like me, its like murdering puppies. m.e.r.f.

im so lazy i didnt even indent. and im noy using proped punctuaton, then again, im wasting more engery writing about it. merf.