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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tigers Jaw

Has anyone read Call of the Wild by Jack London, or White Fang? If so, you rock. If not, i would encourage you to read it! It's really a fantastic book about... well..... i don't want to tell it to you in case you want to read it! (The dog's name is Buck.)

How is your summer going? Im not trying to complain, but mine isnt really a summer BREAK. But you don't want to hear me complain, now do you? (The book has to do with the gold rush in Klondike, like a really long time ago.) Even though i am a notorious complainer. I cleaned out my closet! Now you can open the door..... (Buck was beaten by a man in a red sweater.) I dont really know what to write about.... i shouldn't tell you that.....

I have this little moleskin notebook that i carry around with me that is filled with little sayings and perks and dreams and wishes and thoughts. It's kind of like a Sharkie's Bible. (Buck is drawn to the woods by images of his ancestors dancing in his head) "Oh, im not bored at all, you can call me when you wanna call." - Tigers Jaw, Spirit Desire

Shadows flit on my bathrrom walls. I like watching Ghosts stories, but they always freak me out. When you tell yourelf, oh your being so stupid, Ghosts aren't real, and if they were, (ha) they would be like Casper. It doesnt really work, because then you think frantically, BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE AND THEY ARENT LIKE CASPER??????? (Buck learns to love a man named John Thorton.)