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Monday, April 26, 2010


Do you ever feel like you want to make the whole world go away, like when you are reading an amazing book, and you only want to do THAT but everything else keeps interfering? Or, you are just so frustrated that you feel like becoming invisible and escaping to a remote island in the middle of the ocean where on one can find you? OK, I'll admit, that's a bit extreme, but you get the idea. So do you? Well if you do, I will keep you in my thoughts that you will be able to do that. Like today, I was erm....... history....... and um well whenever I do daydream i always think of one thing (not gonna tell you, even though you don't care) and then I stared to paint that one thing, and I got so absorbed in my own little world with that thing, that i forgot about the rest of the world, until i realized that a car almost ran me over. So the point of all this is, um.... yeah i don't know. Uhhhhhh......... so I guess im done now....... bye.
Your friend,

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Red Sunshine said...

lol, I daydream all the time.
i mainly create stories in my head...but sometimes my thoughts involve me. lol.
and yeah, i hate having to stop reading or watching a movie because it reminds me I'll never go to space on USS Enterprise or Hogwarts.

Sharkie said...

Ok, don't laugh, but when I first stared reading Harry Potter, i thought it was real,and I waited every day till my 12th birthday for me Hogwarts letter. I always create some really lame story right before i go to bed, and sometimes continue them in a book.

Red Sunshine said...

i do the exact same thing! do u read fanfiction? cuz its basically HP (or any book/movie/tv show really) stories. i always make them in my mind!
and when i turned 12 i was really upset when my hogwarts letter didnt come. B/c i knew it was fake but was like "Maybe i can go!" lol. i still say it got lost in the mail.

Anonymous said...

BE MORE CAREFUL, Sharkie!! No one wants you to get run over, especially not me!

Sharkie said...

Red-Hahahahaha awww! What's Fanfare? never heard of it before! I read almost anything fiction though, er anything non-fiction about the ocean.

Hikari- IT WASN'T MY FAULT! Ok, it was but STILL! Yay, im loved.....=^_^= KITTY!

Red Sunshine said...
its amazing. kind of. it depends what stories you read. its kind of like this:
Super nerds write stories about/using the characters of/ inspired by stuff they like. it can be anything from Spiderman to High School Musical. As long as u read K+ or T stuff,(rated for Kids and Teens) its pretty awesome.

Sharkie said...

Hahahaha thanks! WOW IT'S SOOOOO AWESOME!

Young Blogger said...

Yes I do all the time!!!!!! And right before I go to bed I make up a story too. It's kinda like counting sheep for me. I've always love stories. Me making them up or not. When I was little and I slept in my moms room every night I would say "Mommy tell me a story."