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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ok, so we all wrote poems today in my Language Arts class abou emotions and the five senses, and I have to admit, it was fun. So I request you do the same. Use the format of this poem about anger but your words describing it (I'll explain more in a minute.)

Anger is Blood red
It sounds like glass breaking
It tastes like raw meat
And smells like smoke.
Anger looks like a never ending maze
It make you feel alone.

Ok, so for the first line you would say the emotion you are writing about, like mine was anger, and then something that you would think it looked like. The next one you would say it sounds.... and then what you think it would sound like. Then, you would say "it tastes...." and what you would think it tastes like. Then "it smells" and for the next line "it looks" but first you say the emotion again. The last line you say what in makes you feel like. You don't have to follow EVERYTHING i said, I could care less. But whenever you are feeling a strong emotion, or not even, I think it's good to write down how you feel. So if you want, I'd really like to hear them, even if you did already do this today, make up a new one! Pick any emotion, happy, sad, scared, anxious, anything, and write about it!

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Young Blogger said...

Sadness is a deep deep blue
It sounds like a sob and slow music
It tastes like water boring and plain
And smells like water vapor
Looks like a grey storm cloud
And makes you feel tired and lonley.